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Introducing Moments by Face Value

Nov 17, 2014

I love, love, love to be pampered!  Who doesn’t?  And in this hectic, fast paced world when do we ever take time for ourselves?  That is why, when I opened my first salon, I was determined to treat people differently.  With a kindness and consideration that you don’t find most places. And when I partnered with Aveda it suited my sensibilities perfectly.  They had moments of wellness that fit perfectly with my idea of what it meant to pamper and be pampered. We have carried that way of taking care of clients to the new salon in Stonefield.  A client said what they loved the most about us were the “moments” they experienced of escape and relief when they came into our shop.  It struck a note in me and “Moments” at Face Value Salon were born. One of our mantras is to “make someone’s day” and that means we want you to leave feeling better than when you came in. We do this by offering you a variety of rituals that can soothe, relax, or invigorate you.  Oh, and be on the lookout for our television commercial on the Newsplex stations telling you all about our “Moments”.

This is our collection of complimentary sensory rituals:

Cup of Aveda Comforting Tea
A caffeine-free herbal blend—soothing and relaxing—welcomes you with every visit.

Aveda Sensory Journey
Go on a sensory adventure as Aveda guides you through our exclusive collection of Pure-FumeTM flower and plant essences. You'll discover mood-lifting aromas that bestow a profound sense of well-being. And a deep connection to nature.

Stress-relieving Scalp and Shoulders Ritual 
Enjoy a calming wellness experience for neck and shoulders—using the power of touch to relax, balance, release tension.

Stress-Relieving Hand Ritual
Dual sensations—touch and aroma—further comfort and release cares. A rejuvenating treatment for hard working hands.

Face Color Finishing Touch
A three-to-five minute face or color touch-up teaches you new makeup options.

Skin Care Ritual
Experience customized skin care as an Aveda Advisor recommends the perfect products for your skin's health and well-being. 

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