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Making Friends with your Curly Hair!

Nov 14, 2014

Hi FV Fans, it's Lucinda and I have the frizziest, craziest hair EVER!  If I don’t apply heat or product it looks like a wacky puff ball on my head!  It doesn’t shine and it certainly is NOT ready for prime time.  In my quest for solutions I have tried any and every product that promised to de-frizz, calm and shine my hair.  Some were OK, but most did not deliver what they promised.  

Well, then I came upon Aveda’s Be Curly products.  They run the whole gamut, shampoo, condition, style prep, both curl enhancer and curl controller, and a curl enhancing hair spray especially designed to smooth out the frizz but encourage and keep the curl.  I LOVE THEM!  They really work!  Come let me show you how to use these products on your new curly best friend.  Let the compliments begin!

Check out this video below showing how this great product can work on your curly hair.

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