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Invati System Really Makes the Difference!

Mar 06, 2013

Invati System Delivers for Thinning Hair

Sometimes it is difficult to accept the product testimonials I see on the Internet, and I am not willing to hype products and testimonials to my clients without putting them to the test myself.  That said, I am thrilled to announce I now have proof that the Aveda Invati product delivers even more than it promises!

Here are some facts about the Invati System that talk about what it does.

3 Major Concerns for Clients with Thinning Hair :


Invati System Solution

Scalp accumulates build-up and becomes dry and tight

Invati with Wintergreen derived Salicylic Acid
Is proven to exfoliate and renew the scalp by removing the buildup of sebum and product residue that can clog pores and affect healthy hair.Extracts from Millet Seed and Milk Thistle help nourish dry and tight scalp, equalizing the lipid balance.

Scalp accumulates build-up and becomes dry and tight
Hair becomes weak, breaks easily and loses shine

Invati with Arginine derived from Sugar Beets and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein is proven to restore strength and improve the hair’s elasticity to reduce breakage.

A blend of Guar, Palm and Rapeseed derived ingredients help create a weightless surface to thicken hair.

Organic Kukui nut oil helps add natural shine.

As people age, hair growth slows and they become concerned with keeping the hair they have longer

Invati with revitalizing Densiplex™ derived from Turmeric, Ginseng and Yeast Extract, helps rehabilitate and activate the scalp around the follicles, when massaged in, creating the optimum environment for healthy hair.

With a blend of proven Vitamin E ingredients, it helps accelerate microcirculation through therapeutic massage.

As for my experience, I had a client with extremely thinning hair, so thin we ordered her an integration piece to cover the area. On the day she came into Face Value Studio to select the piece and color, I spoke with her about the Invati product. She ended up buying the Invati System trio to try.  In four weeks she came back to me to color, cut and style the new hairpiece into her hair and we were both AMAZED at the amount of hair regrowth that had occurred on her head!  Aveda does NOT claim that hair will grow back but there it was!  They do say it stops hair loss by 33%, but they make no claim about new hair growing.  Yet, there it was.  I was thrilled to see this because my deepest desire is to provide real solutions for people’s hair problems.  I was actually able to color, cut and style her hair and it looked great even without the integration hairpiece.  Her sister was with her and could not stop remarking on how wonderful her hair looks now.  The client bought another bottle of the treatment spray and I am looking forward to seeing further results when she returns in four weeks.

I’ll keep you updated…

~Lucinda Riley

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