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Wigs & Hairpieces

Feb 22, 2013

Most everyone that knows me knows I love wigs! Think: tousled waves and a splash of flirty bangs; maybe an ultra-sleek bob or a sassy pixie cut – ponytails, highlights, clip in extensions, and more – wigs let you achieve the look you want when you want it. There are no longer limitations of what your hair will or won’t do.  Too thin?  Use an integration piece to give it volume and cover your scalp.  Too short?  Add a fall to give you whatever length you desire.  

The key to buying a realistic looking wig or hairpiece is to stay in the texture of your own hair.  If your hair is poker straight don’t necessarily buy a curly piece. The same said for curly hair, don’t go ultra-straight.  The most realistic way to wear any additional hair is to place it slightly behind the hairline on the front.  This makes it look like it is your hair, especially if you have taken texture and color into account.  I help you sort through those details.  I love it when a client has on a hairpiece and her own friends can’t tell she is wearing anything, but they love how her hair looks.

I would love to have you come in and let us play with some options for your hair adventure.  We represent all the major wig manufacturers -- Rachel Welsh, Rene of Paris, Hair U Wear, Revlon, Look of Love, Envy, and Henry Margu -- and we’re able to fit them to your hair and face. 

Some helpful tips: 

Preserve: The way to keep your hairpieces and wigs looking new, full, and natural, for the long-term -- Brush your wig before and after every use and always store it on a wig stand away from extreme heat and dusty areas. Never store a wig or hairpiece in a plastic bag or box.

Detangle: Keep wigs and hairpieces from becoming tangled by using a wide-tooth comb through the hair. Apply a light, silk spray to help moisturize and detangle the hair. Brush the hair until it becomes straight and smooth.

Shampoo: If you wear a hairpieces and wigs long term, at some point you will likely need to shampoo it. When you are ready to wash any hairpieces, add a generous amount of shampoo to a basin filled up with cool water. Soak the wig in the water and slightly move it around, leave it in the water for about 5 minutes. Finish off by rinsing the wig or hairpiece in cold water until all shampoo is removed. Place the wig or hairpiece on a towel and allow it to air dry completely. Finally, spray on a bit of silk spray or oil sheen to regain the moisture.

Styling: Wigs and hairpieces made from 100 percent human hair can be styled with heat. Synthetics are generally worn as bought and although they can be washed, you cannot use heat to style them. To style a human hair piece, secure it onto a wig stand or put it on and carefully use a flat iron or curling iron to produce the style you desire.

With our love of wigs and hairpieces, Face Value stylists are always available if you need help or a consultation.




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