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Simple Steps to Healthy Hair

Feb 07, 2013


Great styles and cuts come and go but the real secret to looking good and feeling great is keeping your hair healthy. When it comes to hair repair, here are some things to keep in mind ~

Trim, trim, trim -- One of my strongest recommendations is to keep your hair trimmed. In the course of daily maintenance, the hair becomes damaged, ends fray leaving your locks looking dry and unkempt. Getting a trim every four to six weeks -- even a dusting off the ends -- makes a noticeable difference.

Protection -- It helps to take a break from the heat. Hair is vulnerable, fragile. Using a heat appliance daily is hard on the hair shaft. Using that appliance with no product protection on the hair can burn it beyond repair causing it to break.  Once hair is out of the follicle, we need to protect it from sun, dry heat, too much oil in the summer, product buildup, damage from heat appliances (blow driers, curling irons, flat irons, heated curlers) and so on.   Letting the hair dry naturally, when you can, is a healthy thing to do for your hair.  The foundation for any hairstyle is using the right product to protect your hair from the hazards of combing, heat styling, and sun damage.  

I highly recommend Aveda’s Brilliant Damage Control.  It’s a product for all hair types, protects against thermal damage, reduces breakage from combing or brushing (which is HUGE!) and helps protect against UV damage. Its primary ingredient is aloe, with strong soothing properties and an excellent source of moisture.  Spray it liberally on towel dried hair then use your favorite Aveda styling products and any heat appliances you like.

Deep Conditioning -- Hair needs both protein and moisture to revive it from weakening by chemical processes, heat styling and environmental exposure. When you buy a conditioner off the shelf at a local retailer you do not get a customized blend of ingredients that target your hair’s needs. Instead, I recommend monthly salon conditioning treatments.  

At Face Value, we rely on the power of pure plant oils and quinoa protein to restore the hair’s health, silkiness and shine. Our staff is trained to apply a variety of specialized Aveda conditioning treatments that use natural ingredients to heal the hair. Following a hair assessment, we cleanse the hair and scalp to remove any buildup in preparation for the appropriate nourishing treatment. We then apply pure protein or moisture, sometimes both, along with essential oils to boost the hair’s strength, shine and condition.  We follow up with take home products designed to maintain that healing. Our in-home intensive weekly treatment deeply penetrates to enhance the salon treatment and maintain what we repaired, sealed and smoothed. 

A Balanced Diet – The health of your hair is also an inside job. The nutrients you eat fortify the hair follicle and the scalp that surrounds it – and healthier follicles and scalp mean healthier hair. Staying hydrated along with a nutrient-rich diet will help to improve the vitality of your hair. A hair-healthy diet includes salmon, nuts, kale, spinach, lentils, blueberries, eggs, oysters and yogurt.  Remember, moderation in all things, even what we eat.

~Lucinda Riley





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