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The Buzz @ Face Value : AVEDA

Jan 03, 2013

In recent months the steady buzz at Face Value Studio has been Aveda – on becoming an Aveda Concept Salon and transitioning our entire product line and services to Aveda. And a big part of the buzz has included your questions and concerns.

“How does becoming an ‘Aveda Concept Salon’ impact our clients?”

“What about the former products we all enjoyed and grew accustomed to?”

“Is Aveda really better for everyone?”

These are important questions and I want to give you my answers.

Over the past 4 years, Face Value has evolved as a full service salon aimed at exceeding our clients’ expectations.  We offer hair care, spa services, makeup, man-pedis and exclusive men’s grooming to extend our services to everyone.  We pride ourselves on maintaining a highly talented, continually educated staff, and making Face Value a place that bright, innovative people want to work. We place the utmost importance on providing top-tier service in a welcoming environment, and we value our clients like family and friends. And we have always purposed to deliver the highest quality products to keep you looking and feeling fantastic.

Along the way, we’ve changed and added products to improve your service experience, and sharpened our own expectations of the kind of salon we want Face Value to be. In a word: remarkable.

One of our biggest steps to achieving this is our partnership with Aveda – a relationship founded on our research into their products and their mission – “to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society.”

At Face Value, we don’t want to be just another nice salon. We genuinely care to do what’s best for our clients and community, and we discovered this meant changing the products we use.

As an Aveda Concept Salon, we’ve made a commitment to constant training, and to using all-natural, environmentally safe products. We apologize if we no longer offer a particular product you enjoyed, yet we believe there is a comparable and healthier alternative for whatever that ‘something’ may be, in Aveda.  

The bottom line is we now understand all that distinguishes Aveda as a fierce pioneer in the beauty industry They’re the first beauty company in the world and only the second U.S. company in any industry to receive a Cradle to Cradle (C2C) sustainability endorsement. Aveda not only produces 99% naturally derived products, but recyclable packaging, wind energy for the making of its products, as well as being one of the first supporter of organic agriculture in the beauty industry.

As always, we value every occasion to earn your business and we’re excited by our opportunity to join with you in making a difference through environmental responsibility and sustainable stewardship.

~ Lucinda Riley

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