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What, Another Readers Choice Contest?

May 14, 2012

A client of ours works for the Daily Progress and a few weeks ago she explained that the DP was about to launch this year's Readers Choice contest.  She knew that Face Value was a relatively new salon and that we had not really entered this contest in the past but she loves our salon and persuaded us that we needed to enter.  So we did!

And you know how this works.  Folks vote for the business they really like.  And that is what we are hoping you will do but only if we have earned your confidence and appreciation.  If we have then consider voting for us using this very easy method (we know you all are busy).  Just send a text to 82672 and type FV.  That's it.  Pretty easy isn't it.  Now if you don't like to text or just can't then you can always go to www.dailyprogress.com and click on the VOTE link near the top right.

If you decide to vote for us, let me just say thank you.  You know how we love our clients and fans.



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